Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Use every space possible!

I tend to go towards the realm of pack rat when it comes to my house and I tend to live by the addage, "I may need it someday!" Which can cause for quite the cluttered living space. Here's some ideas that help you use all of the space in your home.

I always feel like bookshelves are very necessary to any room but sometimes they can get huge and overbearing. Alternately, staircases are a mass of unusable spaces. So combine the two and you have the most amazing staircase ever:

Via Apartment Therapy (and circulated pretty widely around those interwebs at this point), this staircase was modded to perfection. I love that it automatically keeps all of the books looking neat and tidy.

I have always been a fan of the idea of hidden rooms and secret passageways. But when you think about a bookcase for a door, it really does help free up some space and add a bit of intrigue.

Via Neatorama (who found it over at WebUrbanist), Creative Home Engineering crafts custom hidden doors that can look like kitchen cabinets, bookcases, stairs and even working dressers.

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